Warranty Information
1 Year LImited Warranty

GRIPTIPZ LLC provides a 1 year limited warranty on your product from purchase date.

This limited warranty covers any defect to the core santoprene bumpers only and does not warranty the 3M adhesive or 3M custom adhesive promoter.

If the product is defective, please send the product and receipt back to GRIPTIPZ LLC for a refund or exchange.

The GRIPTIPZ LLC product is not designed to adhere to silicone or silicone based products. It may adhere initially however the adhesive will eventually peel off of your case. GRIPTIPZ LLC will not replace products that have been used with Silicone cases.

The 3M adhesive is designed to be repositionable for the first 5 minutes of the application. If you attempt to reposition the bumpers after that time period or, after pressing the bumpers in final position, the adhesive will possibly pull off of either the device or the bumper. GRIPTIPZ LLC does not warranty the 3M adhesive.

GRIPTIPZ LLC does not warranty or take responsibility for the damage of any device. GRIPTIPZ LLC are not designed to keep a product from dropping out of a hand.

GRIPTIPZ LLC are designed to assist in creating a more comfortable, ergonomically comfortable hold on large, flat backed products and or cases.

GRIPTIPZ LLC will not withstand direct heat and should not be left in the direct sun. The adhesive will soften in excessive heat conditions.


Please send a copy of your original receipt and product to:
Griptipz LLC.
6855 S. Dayton Street #3408
Englewood, CO 80112

GRIPTIPZ LLC will not pay for return services